If mDBC = 65º, what is the relationship between AD and CD? A AD > CDB not enough informationC AD < CD D AD = CD

Accepted Solution

Answer:   [B]:  "not enough information [provided]" .
 {since we are not given a diagram; and, for that matter, we are not given ANY informatioabout the where "Point A" is located—AT ALL; or for that matter, ANY MENTION WHATSOVER about "Point A"—within THIS VERY QUESTION —
   {not to mention, for instance, the fact that there is no information as regard to any angle containing "Point A" in relation to the [particular angle in THIS VERY QUESTION — (which does NOT mention any angle containing "Point A" {as aforementioned/as can be inferred}.
    Note:  By the way, thank you for providing "answer choices".  Otherwise, this question would be an "improper question" for "incomplete question content"/ or perhaps: "question is illogical".
I hope that my explanation —albeit lengthy and superfluous — makes sense. _________________________________________
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