a ball is thrown vertically in the air with an initial velocity of 60 feet per second from an initial height of 6 feet. The equation describing the height of the ball at any time is s = -16t^2 +60t+6.1. how long did it take for the ball to reach its height point?2. How high did the ball go?

Accepted Solution

Answer:1.875 seconds to reach the maximum height62.25 ftStep-by-step explanation:The problem can be solved by putting the equation into vertex form.   s - 6 = -16(t^2 -15/4t)   s -6 -16(15/8)^2 = -16(t^2 -15/4t +(15/8)^2) . . . . add the square of half the x-coefficient inside parentheses and equivalent amount on the other side of the equation   s -62.25 = -16(t -15/8)^2 . . . . write as a square, simplify the constant   s = -16(t -1.875)^2 +62.25 . . . . put in vertex formThe vertex of the downward-opening parabola is at (t, s) = (1.875, 62.25).1. It took 1.875 seconds for the ball to reach its maximum height.2. The ball went up to 62.25 feet.