1.) Q.Xavier is on the All-City track team and has to run the 100 meter dash. How many centimeters will he run? A.I put 10,000 cm.2.) Q.Brady says that the product of 20x348 is smaller than the product of 40x348. Is he correct and how do you know? A.I put Yes, he is correct because 40 is two times grater than 20.3.) Q. The piece of paper was 8 inches long. Mrs. Lucas cut off a piece that was 2 2/3 inches. How long is the piece of paper now? A. I put 3 inches.4.) Q. Red Lobster has 3 pounds of cheese to make 18 batches of biscuits. How much cheese will they put into each batch? A. I put 54.5.) Q. Kroger was having apples on sale for $1.09 per pound. Willy bought 12 pounds of his favorite apples. How much did he spend? A. I put $13.08.____________________IS THERE ANYTHING WRONG LIKE WRONG ANSWERS AND IF THERE ARE CAN TUK HELP ME FIX THEM PLEASE, and thank you.

Accepted Solution

1.) is correct

2.) is just a spelling error β€” greater* not grater

3.) should be 5 1/3 because 8 - 2 2/3 = 5

4.) 3 lbs / 18 batches = about 1.7 lbs of cheese for each batch

5.) is correct